Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Beauty of a 1950's Home

There isn't much i like about my 50's home, but this i do....

see that brick planter? At first i loathed it, because it makes it impossible for us to have a nice landing. If you built a six foot tall wooden box from one side to the other and put a door on it, you'd have a small closet. :o\ I especially didn't like it the night (a few years ago) when we had to call 9-1-1 thinking Hubbie was having a heartattack or a ruptured appendix. The firefighters and medics couldn't even get Hubbie in a fabric stretcher past this thing, because the angles are too tight.

Then again, it provides nice planting space for things that you'd like to keep virtually slug free.

Like chives and pansies,

some oregano and lots of parsley, which is totally handy to have on hand when you are making just have to walk down the stairs and out the front door at waist height you can be picky about the leaves you'll choose!

and some thyme.

This is also where, in the next few weeks you'll see pictures of the cascading sweet peas.

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