Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Big Backyard

Yesterday i noticed this little guy on the chicken run (and i am happy to report my chickens are true "chickanitarians", because they didn't eat him.) :o)
Once the fuzzy catapillers show up, its a good indication that the backyard is alive.

Our "backyard", if you can call it that, is basically the variance required now by code between the gorge behind our house and the back of our home. So, with my hubbie being the head Environmental Engineer for the city in which we live, i don't have to tell you that not much can go on in this part of the yard. We don't even mow it but once a year. There are huge 50+ year old Doug Fir trees and a couple of native species we planted when i moved in, but other than that, i lovingly refer to it as the Wild.
Yesterday, i spotted a maple tree in bloom

This springy green "shrub" here is a native species called Indian Plum.
and it throws off these beautiful flowers

Unfortunately, most of our neighbours dump their yard waste down the hillside. Sadly, in doing so, they wiped out the trail down to the bottom of the gorge (one of the trailheads is located in our backyard.) Here is a great example of why not to do that and futhermore, why never to plant English Ivy.

These two trees were killed in a wind storm we had several years back, however now they have become spewing ivy covered columns on the bank of the gorge. Soon the entire gorge could be covered in this stuff snuffing out beautiful plants like this:

Oregon grape

It will eventually kill the trees here too, as it will wind around the trees and choke them.
This now is what our view in the backyard is like today. It's beautiful.
Maybe i should have saved this message for Earth Day, eh? But tomorrow is my hubbie's birthday, so i'll celebrate the Earth a day early, eh?

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