Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes Facebook Really Scares Me

An old high school friend challenged me to take the "inner nationality" quiz on FB. Like something can really diagnose you through multiple choice questions, eh? :o) But when i got my results, i couldn't believe how similar it was to how i **actually** am.

My results were:

"Jennifer completed the quiz "THE INNER NATIONALITY QUIZ: WHAT ARE YOU REALLY?" with the result You are Swedish. .
You are friendly, gentle, and modest, with a good heart and a lusty nature. You laugh easily, have a well-developed sense of irony, and tend to understand people intuitively. You are interested in new people, but will always maintain notions of insider vs. outsider, and this will lead you to commit to a group of friends and lovers who will be with you your entire life. If you have a weakness it's your timidity -- you feel pressure to remain 'lagom' -- on an even par with others. But this is also your strength."

However, i don't think i actually have an Swedish ancestors, so it's wrong there, but....

like i said, Facebook really is starting to creep me out!!!

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