Saturday, April 25, 2009

Laundry Room remodel is Underway

Our family is not a household of do-it-yourselfers. I love painting, furniture shopping (what girl doesn't) and dreaming. No idea is too big (well, maybe plumbing and electrical would be, but anything else i figure i can try. I mean, i took chem labs in hs and college and figure since i didn't blow anything up, that i could lay tile.) My hubbie?? Not so much. I am more of a "hey, what do we have to lose" kinda girl too. You can always change it, right? Unless you're dealing with a wall, or expensive materials, eh? ;O) My hubbie?? Not so much. Our trouble is, i am not the technical type. My hubbie?? Very much so! So i tell Hubbie (the one of us who passed physics and uses it on some what of a daily basis) that i am more like the architect or venture capitalist, and he is the engineer who makes sure everything's all is safe and sound. :O)

Today, we completed part of a do-it-yourself project. Our diy's never seem to be one single project. One project's hinged on another and so on. This time, it all started with a new refrigerator.

Back in July, we replaced the fridge that had been in our home easily since the mid 80's (maybe early 90's.) Of course, the only fridges they make these days that fit into a home like ours are the old reproductions of the Frigidaire's (which, if i was going to stay in this home, i would totally have got one) or the apartment sized fridges. That was just not going to cut it, so we got one of those big honkin' Samsung's with the double door action and pull out freezer. You know the kind that you have to break up into 3 pieces and rip down part of your deck just so the delivery gents can get it in your home?

Once it was delivered, our diy projects started. We had this cabinet that was located above our fridge--good for nothing because you couldn't really reach it on a day in, day out basis. And the new fridge wouldn't fit under it by just a little under an inch clearance, so Hubbie ripped it out. Our cabinets aren't the fanciest, but they are functional. The original owners, who built the place, made them of plywood, applied a veneer on top and put some swanky doors on them. So i encouraged Hubbie to save them, figuring we could use it somehow else in the house. Maybe convert it to a bench cabinet or something.

Well, it's time has come today--it's new home? The laundry room.

We have a closet of a laundry room. The best thing about it is the laundry chute from the bathroom upstairs. :o) Above my w/d, were two red plywood shelves, and exposed were all my unattractive plastic bottles of various laundry cleaners and sundries.

So we decided to hang the cabinet here and the bonus was that Hubbie engineered it so i got to keep one of the shelves for more storage/display purposes. Hooray! Love that calculating Hubbie o'mine!!

Now you see 'em...

now you only see the ones that are cute!

Much, much, much nicer looking from the hallway (and from the guest bedroom just across the hall!)

Now for part deux of my laundry remodel...
do i paint it:

celedon pottery? or vintage map??

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