Monday, January 11, 2010

Alphabet Soup

We won't get into my infatuation with WWII here, but let's just say that i was the kid in high school that people often wondered about--especially because when questioned by our history teacher as to who we'd like to travel back in time and interview, my response was to interview Hitler and ask him, quite frankly, just what the hell was he thinking (or ingesting)?!?! Yeah, i didn't get any A-plusses that day. Anyhoo....i disgress. But i've always loved the era of history that publik skool'n hasn't quite ever been intent on teaching. We never made it through history much past the American revolution--but sure e'nuff i did learn my fair share about third world countries, STD's, and obviously not enough synonyms for the word "but". Nonetheless, that didn't make me any less interested in the uncovered territory of Modern History.

One thing i've always loved is the propaganda (from Allies or Axis, quite frankly)...the design, the idiosyncratic funkiness (in my view) from each country's gov'ts.

One thing i am especially fond of is the famous British WWII era poster, and have desired one of my own, but not totally committed as it's largess, display area, usw. Then, about the time i was ready to break down and purchase a couple coffee vessels with the likeness on them, i found a blogpost by this talented lady that caused me to bring my palm to my forehead in a sort of "Boy, i could have had a V-8" fashion.

With scissors, paper scraps, and a little help from the 'puter....Cookie Monster and i went to work. Our first project, a sign for Moose's office. Next we'll try our hand at "quilting" one, then we shall take over the world spreading peace and calm! Well, maybe another day with that last one there. Seems "motivation", once unleashed, can be a very fiery and infectious thing. :o)

C.M. tried her hand at unscrambling first.....

Should we get an when we get our family farm?
Ooh, or she could work for Disney's movie marketing.

Sounding like a title to a Roger Miller song....

Then i took a turn....
This is what i did last year.
Now i have a huge bin full and i seriously need "1oo,ooo Yarn Ons"

to work on destashing, less be known by a new nickname

Now, this is getting a little closer, however... it's quite possibly the antithesis of the message we're trying to convey here.

Aaaah, that's much better!

Hoping Moose will proudly display it in his office for the next 3-5 years while they work on the fix to the area's flooding threat. :o) And the next best thing about this little project is that it kept my lil phalanges our of the "phridge" till lunch--woo hoo!

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