Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reasons to Quilt

Oh boy, what have i gotten myself into?!

I am starting learning to quilt. We're gonna make it easy....and break it down.

First, we're figuring a plan (which i think is the most difficult part so far!) but then also we're working on square cutting basics.


My growing list of reasons to quilt starts like this:

1. I'd like to have homemade/handmade quilts on the beds at home, cause we all know that anything like that is soooo much better than big box bought.

2. All that cute chicken fabric that Cookie Monster picked out.

3. My mom was talking to me about doing my own quilt finishing today and taught me a phrase that i never knew was one of my favourites--as soon as i learned it, i knew what crafting had been missing up till this point. I can't wait to say, "Release the feed dogs!"

More to come, i'm sure....
Merry Christmas!

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