Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inspiration, Pt. 2

The Seniour Centre Gardens were designs just last year with the help of many community donations and volunteers. The man behind the effort had just opened up his small wholesale nursery to the public a couple years ago. It's a magical place, and so is this garden.

As the story goes, he and his wife travel aboard to visit gardens. They fell in love with this one from England, i believe. Below is a picture of the garden that was the inspiration for the design of the Seniour Centre garden.
Who couldn't love that, eh?
Below is a mock up of their design plan. I've deconstructed the plan into quarters below--

Here is the top 1/4th, containing an apiary,

the left 1/4, beside these beds are the spigot, the cold frames, and the greenhouse.
Interesting to note too, are the neon green coloured boxes in the grey coloured area of the design--these denote the garden beds raised up to the height of 3-4 feet, so that people with walkers, canes, or wheelchairs, too may also come out and tend to and seek a sample of the garden. It also provided a great way to keep slugs out of the strawberries!

This is the right 1/4 of the garden.
In the grey coloured area to the right is the communications board, where lists of things to do is ever changing, as people visit and water or weed. The businesses that donated to the garden have teams that come out to do this work. Also boy scout troops and private schools and groups donated hours planting, weeding, and harvesting. Each bed (green coloured shape) is the responsibility of a group. That way, the garden stays looking nice all summer as many hands make light the work, eh?
This is the bottom 1/ are located the compost bins and the handy sink i am infatuated with.

And this handy dandy was a great idea to put this in the garden!

Tomorrow, i shall be back with more pictures of what the garden grows.

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