Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Ain't Talking Apples Here

We've gotten totally inspired by Meet Me A Mikes this morning. Pip is continuing her Granny A Day campaign with crochet tutes to boot! Hurrah!! Cookie Monster is even excited because she has been wanting to learn to crochet, but when i try to teach her, it ends up in tears and tossing of objects....yeah, it's not really pretty. It'll be nice to have the "carrot" looming about her beak--if she doesn't practice patiently, then we won't be able to go on the computer to check the tutourials. And my kid can't fathom the idea of not going on a computer. :o) Hark! How ever did we survive those non-computer years so very, very not so long ago! And we shant even think about those of you who grew up without a t.v. OH!!! The HoRRoR!! The inhumanity! (sob, sniffle)

I digress, anyhoo

We're thankful to have a little project to work on together that will help us pitter away the grey days of Seattle while we await the joyful Spring!!! One that doesn't promote fingercuts such as the unrelentless thumbing through of seed catalogues this time of year. :o) And something to offset the efforts that are going into the massive purging effort going on in the toy room.

And we are especially thankful we've a whole bin of yarn to destash our way through too. And Lord knows we need a way to distract ourselves a bit around here!

(picture rights to Pip of Meet Me At Mikes)

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