Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspiration, the Finale

Now, here's the real eye candy!! Pictures from the garden in July 09.

This is the entrance to the garden, complete with working fountain.
They've planted trees around the arbour, so i am wondering if they are borrowing an idea from Sharon Lovejoy and going to make an arbour of apple trees?! That would be beautiful!

Can you believe how much they fit into this garden??
This picture is only an eighth of the area!!

I absolutely love how they snaked the onions through the lettuces. That is a fantastic idea and a good solution to my 100 onion problem!

The corn was amazing too...they had corn well before we did and it was at least 7 feet tall (here C.m. was just under 4 ft tall.)

The sweet peas and garlic,

the fruit trees--deeeeeVINE!

Here are the handicap-accessible garden boxes.
tucked in closely to the parking lot and main path of the garden for ease of use. I love it!!

The contraptions at this place completely fascinate me too,
(although, i could do without the neon green.) :o)

I have no idea how tall these stakes are for the tomato plants, but they were easily 7-8 feet.
They are even easier than the tomato cages i use. It didn't look like they pinched the suckers either, they just tied all the new shoots to the pole with twine.

These are the cherry tomatoes.

Then these handy supports!! The design is so versitile.
Here they are erected over the blueberry bushes and covered with netting.

Here they are covered with a netting to provide a trellis for the cukes grown underneath.
Here the squash planted to crawl up them will provide a shade for the cool season plants in the middle of the bed.
Here's another look at that bed above.

One thing about the success of the garden--there were bees buzzing everywhere around here. And they weren't just bumblebees like we have, they were honey bees.
When we got to the back of the garden, we found out why.
They also have to bee hives, which i am completely envious of.
One is named Tigger, the other Pooh, and yes, inbetween them that is infact a
topiary-in-the-making of Pooh Bear!
Oh, if only to have an acre or two to call my own....
Hopefully this will provide some inspiration or at least some peace to the dreary days of us gardeners who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the last frost!!


  1. I love the gardens! I want to redo my yard so You have just given me soild dreams! Thank you.


  2. You are so right! EYE CANDY! Ideas for my brain and yard!


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