Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chaos at the SHEP Dispatch

I just wanted to share a funny story with you this morning. Cookie Monster lost another tooth on Christmas Eve. While we were dipping butter twists in chocolate & she was sampling her handiwork, and *ploop*, out came the tooth. Now she really looks like a big kid!!

She really dislikes teeth falling out, and it's an ordeal to try to appease the pain while the Tylenol kicks in (usually chewin' on a cold washcloth helps her.) So i asked her to call Daddy and maybe he would have something to say to cheer her up.

Well, did he ever. He asked her, "Whoa!?! Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy are going to come to our house tonight? I wonder if they know each other? Do you think that Special Holidays and Events People (SHEP)Dispatch might get confused and send the wrong person?" Well, it didn't quite console her like we'd hoped, but she was good spirited about it by the end of the night and was wondering if Santa would come to get the tooth and The Tooth Fairy would leave presents.

Of course, it being Christmas Eve, by the time partying was done and stockings were hung, Cookie Monster was "light's out" before she remembered to put her tooth under her pillow and so we helped her with that task after we got her snuggly into bed.

And wouldn't you know it? In a bizarre twist of fantasy becomes reality, come Christmas morning, when we went in to help C. Monster find what The Tooth Fairy had left her, there was an egg under her pillow. It wasn't looking good. She cracked it open and found among her reward was a note that read:

"Thanks, C. Monster! Maybe next time you could leave a carrot instead of a tooth? Love, E. Bunny"

She was riotious! She couldn't believe that Dispatch had called the wrong person to come get the tooth! Thankfully, nor did she remember that her father had given her mother the idea!

Then, after a few minutes, it occurred to her. "Oh no, Mom! What if the Easter Bunny came before Santa, and ate the reindeer's carrots? I better go check!!" And down the stairs she clammoured to find what remained on Santa's plate of treats. Inspecting them carefully, she deduced that Santa had infact eaten a bite of each cookie, and the reindeer had enjoyed the carrots as there was a nub left over. I asked her how she knew that a reindeer had eaten the carrot rather than a rabbit. She remarked, "Oh, that's simple. Reindeers don't like the end of the carrots, so if the Easter Bunny had eaten it, there wouldn't be any left!"

Simple as that.
Isn't my kid is going to be such a knowledgable veterinarian someday??

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  1. She can work for MAHB. (Magical Animals and Holiday Beasts) :D


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