Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Again

I always hate coming home. Alas.....

Idaho was wonderful--no matter there wasn't much snow to play in or sun to bask in, it's Mom and Pop that make it so awesome. Moose and i had a couple dates. We all ate at some of our favourite ol' places. Only regrets: not enough time catching up with our favourite barista at the local caffeine fueling center and definitely sad about no treasure hunting at a local antique place with my folks. Especially my Pop...we always find something or other to marvel at or that causes a great case of giggle riots. Thankfully, their gift to Cookie Monster--a doll that says, "Achoo" (which is C.m.'s nickname for her grandma) sparked a few of those with it's honking nose blowing that sounded rather dubious. Like it was coming from the wrong end of the baby. :o)

The thing i hate most about coming home is the "going-out". We had another deputy die in the line of duty while we were gone, shot by a man who alledgely told friends that you should always carry a gun "locked and loaded". Nice. And to know that your squeezing melons in the produce aisle with these people at some point. I mean, really....

To go to the store before sunlight in Idaho means no worries. People look at you to smile at you, not to sum you up and wonder if you're worth tangling with in the parking lot. I hate going to the store here, arriving there just before the doors open and having to wait until i see a store employee or business person walking around before i feel comfortable enough to get out of the car and enter the store.'s absolutely pouring cats and dogs outside, and i am now off to give the Ladies of Laying their belated Christmas present--a clean chicken coop. I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing New Year!
C.m. and Sadie on the car trip to ID

Ringing in the New Year with A&P

Thank goodness it's not Thanksgiving!

Cookie Monster's Christmas gift to her momma: she bought it with some of her birthday money from her Great Uncle Paul.

a second set of Christmas decs i put together...still needs paint!

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