Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Quilting Rookie, Eps 2

When we embarked on C.m.'s quilt project, Mom had me pick out a pattern. I found this cute one, that is from a tablecloth project. I love it, but i am not certain it is going to work for the fabrics i have.
The fabrics look really cute together like this.

However, i can't seem to get cuteness to translate when i have to lay them out like this.

Help, Mudder!
I'm thinking that they would look better if maybe i ditched the tablecloth pattern and used triangle piecework instead. I'll keep playing, but just be warned, Mom....i'm getting a little frustrated. :o)

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  1. As talented as you are, it will all come together. Take a break from it for several hours and then come back. There it will be.



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