Friday, January 22, 2010


Moose did a great job remodelling the coop this weekend! And he says he has no skills...he's an engineer for cryin' out loud!! He's one of those gents that a wife can give a list of wishes to, and he tries to make it work. That he did with the chicken coop!

I think i've posted pictures of our coop here before. On the left is the hardwared fenced screened run. The hardsided building is the coop, left door is the coop door, right is the shed to keep chicken feed and all the nonsense you need to clean and feed and our handy dandy chicken care instructions for our gracious friends who don't mind looking after the girls while we take a little vacation.
On the wall where the broom is, that is where our nesting boxes were located, along with one roost along two walls. And that was the reason for the remodel. The girls were pretty cramped on the old roost, and with some missing feathers here and there, we figured it couldn't be a bad idea to give the girls a little more elbow room.

Moose designed the remodel to include nesting boxes that would be easier to access. Score!!
This is the area of the coop where the old nesting boxes were. This is the area behind the closet. Now the girls can climb up into the rafters practically!!

Here are the new nesting boxes... from the inside,
and from the outside!

And Moose said he isn't a handyman. Shhhhhaaaaw, right.
Even two of the girls are using the boxes he made with his own to bear paws!

So just when he's feeling all is right with world and he's a total rockstar, especially because now it's easier for Cookie Monster to collect eggs and we won't be inside disturbing the girls when we do it, but you know what those stinky chicas did?
See that nesting box on the right side of the photo below, inside the run, that looks like it has a ladder growing out of the top of it?

Moose painstakingly assembled that for the Aunties when we adopted last year's chicks, so they would have a warm, safe, and private place to lay the eggs.
Well, some of the girls apparently didn't get the eviction notice...

Grrr! Proving once again that we still need a little more schoolin' before we can be smarter than your average chicken! Must be all those omega 3s they get from eating all the grass
at chicken recess.

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