Sunday, January 16, 2011

Contents of My Dream Home

Laced through this blog are postings of homes we've almost purchased. I really want to move. But no more dwelling on that. Especially in this housing market. Since there is little i can control about finding the perfect house of my dreams, i am going to make my own little dream world.

I had mentioned here earlier that i might start a new blog for this daydreaming. I think i'll hold off on that for now--but journaling about my forever home will definitely be a new hobby of mine.
Today i imbibed photo after photo of victorian farmhouse and craftsman style homes....looking for the perfect exterior. I know what i am looking for, but haven't quite found the "one".

If it had the land to go with it, especially for the price tag they've put on it, i would take this house in a NY minute! Alas, where would be put the cow or horses we'll have??

There are some other items i found today while indulging in a little denial therapy too....
This mantle would definitely be in my forever home!!

It was rescued from a home on Capitol Hill in Seattle. There are many a mansion up there as that is where most of the original fathers of the city settled.

I would favour it in my drawing room or the formal dining room. In my dream home, maybe both rooms would be linked. aah!

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