Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Survived....barely

Seems like the Christmas season was a whirlwind this year. Just as we wrapped up school (right on schedule and caught up with all our work--wahooey!), we started with the Christmas baking and making. And just as all the cookie doughs were made, i got sick with the flu. **blech**

We prayed it wouldn't interfere with plans to visit my parents for Christmas. By the 23rd, the day were to have left early in the morning, we were just starting laundry and packing. But somehow we did it...we pulled off packing, cleaning up vital areas that were coated with sick germs, wrapped presents, and hit the road at 5pm--hoping to make it to Ritzville, or bust!

We spent the night in Ritz, and by some miracle we were settled into Mom and Dad's couches by lunchtime. whew!

Stoney braving the snow to oversee the tobogganing

We visited, unwrapped, ate, prayed, and played!

Moose & i even had a date: Italian food at the best little cafe in Idaho and borrowed the laptop and a movie and headed to City Beach for private viewing in the van. With a view of the lake and mountains to look at when the movie was dragging on, i have to say that was the best movie theatre i'd ever been too! :)

Mom and Dad took us on the coolest thing: a nighttime sleigh ride under the stars, in the middle of the North Idaho forest at a pleasure ranch nearby. After our two mile horse guided sleigh ride, we were treated like kings and queens to a bbq chicken and rib dinner!

Larry and Bill manning the sleigh

We braved the elements to return to Western WA.

*sigh* Now we are home again. bummer

How did you fare this holiday season?

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  1. Your photos are delightful! A fun Holiday! And I really LOVE your header!



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