Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gettin' Organised :: The Weekly Chores

Now, focusing on just one area of your home and letting the others go isn't the way to help you feel better about your home and your ability to keep it. Just as Flylady notes, there are certain chores that *absolutely hafta* get done every week. This is where i slipped up the most. I'd focus on the throwing things out and putting things away okay. But once i'd realise that it had been 3 weeks since i'd clean the toilets or 2 months since i'd mopped the kitchen floor, i'd go balistic, start to turn the entire bathrooms and kitchen on end, and burn out somewhere between cleaning the first toilet and sweeping the kitchen floor.

So, with the help of Ivory and Flylady, i've identified critical areas of the house that need to be addressed once a week. No excuses. period

Seriously, this truly, for an extremely business family would be enough in my book. Making it work for you is the most important thing! Breaking up the chores on this list may be the best way of doing it. Especially if certain chores will help aid other's within the home, as you'll see regarding our trash disposal.

Weekly Home Blessing Wednesdays

1. WASH bed sheets. Ours Cookies’s
(maybe i'll alternate these and wash every 2 weeks.)

2. EMPTY all trash buckets. (On Monday, as curb pick-up is on Tuesday!!)

3. SWEEP and VACUUM all rooms. Upstairs Downstairs

4. MOP kitchen, upstr bath, downstr bath, & entry.
("Mop" is a term i use loosely. Know what my mop is? A white terrycloth washcloth that i can wet with soap and water and use my feet to drag it around the on the floor. For me, it works for two reasons: 1, mops tend not to dry real well in the Pacific Northwest before they start mildewing and i am tired of throwing away a mop after only a few months use and 2, i feel like it's healthier to be able to throw the washrag into the washing machine after it's used.)

5. CLEAN mirrors and doorknobs.
(This job earns Cookie Monster 50 cents/wk! We've got a ton of doorknobs!!)

6. WATER indoor plants.

7. WASH toilets.

8. READ a magazine & drink a cafe au lait!!


9. WIPE counters. I'm finding you can never do this enough!

10. SPEND 15 minutes in a disaster area (a disaster area is one of the rooms in our house that is just abominable, that in the past i've galloped on by while denying their needs so that if the wind changed directions while i was standing in front of the mess with my mouth agaped in abject horror, it wouldn't freeze that way!) :)

After this is done, the house really does feel fresher. Blessed, as Flylady would say. If this is one of the areas you struggle with, please take a few moments today and make a list of things that would make you feel better about your home's condition for your family. With the daily chores being done, you'll notice a *huge* improvement the first week, regardless of whether you tend to have a cluttered home or not.

I swear since i started this a week ago, there hasn't been as much fighting or fussing over school work needing to get accomplished for i can get the house cleaned.

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