Monday, January 24, 2011

Gettin' Organised :: Doin' a Favour for You & Yours

Last week, was spent in the kid zones. And you know what, it really didn't go so bad. We worked all week in the rooms; a little here, little there and i only had to raise my voice and use a well-intentioned, totally purposeful curse word once. Yea me! :) Because can't a gaggle of toys strewn about in numerous hiding places, that have no rhyme or reason with regard to sorting, and that don't get play with constitute as "excrement"?

There are still toys on the floor and other junk out of place, however we did get more cleaning done than the uncleaned spots we left and half of Cookie Monsters floor is visible!

This week, it's one of the disaster areas...Moose and my bedroom. It's the room you dread to inhabit. You know the's the room at the end of the hall, just past the main bathroom, so if you have to do a stash and dash in the living room minutes before company arrives, that's the best place to put it. They'll never know that you are a complete slob, cause they'll never see it! Woo hoo ha ha ha! :) Mudder.

But close the door and bam! You look like Merry Homemaker.

No more! I say!! NO MORE!
This is where we rest supposedly. But everytime i see Moose leaning up again our headboard, i'm praying he doesn't drown in dust bunnies and have an asthmatic attack. There are 3 precarious stacks of magazines on my side of the bed that is increasingly annoying as i've developed the extremely awful habit of waking up in the wee hours of the morning and when i get up, i trip, er ... walk all over those stinkin' magazines. Moose's side of the bed collects stray wires, Cookie Monster's books, and the occasional electronics. The bike bags are next to his side of the bed, which eats into at least a foot of his little 2 foot walkway there. I am ashamed to admit it, but i think the last time i cleaned under the bed was before Cookie Monster was born. I'll flip my lid if i find a nursing pad under there!! Please God, don't let me find one of those, or i think i'll die of shame!

This is no way for grown adults to live. Yet, we do. And i for one, darn it, am not going to take it anymore.

So here's the plan...we don't have a master, so i am just including our main bathroom and hallway for good measure, so next week i can focus on the living & dining rooms. Okay, slow down, one disaster area at a time.

Mmm, but you'll know where i'll be spending my Disaster Recovery Time this week, eh?

Detailed Cleaning List for
Zone 4: Blessin’ the Luv Nest

Our Room:

1. COLLECT webs.
2. CLEAN light fixture.
3. DUST doors, wood trims and baseboards.
4. WASH windows & curtains.
5. VACUUM headboard.
6. WASH mattress pad, bed sheets, & comforter. FLIP mattress.
7. PURGE nightstand.
8. STRAIGHTEN one drawer & one surface.
9. TIDY closet; COLLECT empty hangers.
10. DUST furniture. POLISH wood.
11. CLEAN under bed & dressers.
12. SWEEP floor.

Upstairs Bath:

1. COLLECT webs & CLEAN light fixtures.
2. DUST wood trims, doors & cabinets.
3. CLEAN window & mirror. POLISH wood.
4. LAUNDER shower curtain.
5. WASH tile walls.
6. CLEAN sink & tub.
7. STRAIGHTEN linen closet, med chest, & one drawer or cabinet.

Upstairs Hall:

1. COLLECT webs.
2. CLEAN light fixture & doorbell.
3. CLEAN doors, wood trim, & baseboards. POLISH wood.
4. DUST picture frames.

I'm going in....Wish me luck!

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