Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Different Everyday....

The war of the worlds in the love nest is coming along. I thought i get my before pictures up today, so by Saturday, i can delight in the "after".

This is what you see when you first walk into the room. We're equal opportunity offenders in this place...the dresser on the left is mine and the right is Moose's. We pile. It's what we do. But piles can look nice too. There's no reason why Cookie's formal dress she outgrew when she was two has to reside on my dresser. :)

My nightstand...UGH! I'm getting there, though. The piles on the top of the nightstand had relatives living below on the floor. Once all the stuff that needs to find a new home was removed from the top of my dresser, it became the new home for all magazines. I'm surprised by how many i've gone through in the last couple days too. I think i've read and recycled 6 mags in 2 days! They're right there...i just grab then when we head out the door.

The pile behind Cookie Monster was tackled today. In it was more outgrown clothes and issues of the newspaper from 4 years ago. Out they went! It's easy to tackle the junky stuff when you have a great little assistant to help with the grimy stuff.

When things are this bad though (the inside of the upright floor lamp), i just can't bring myself to let her help with that. She could drown in dust bunnies that thick!!


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