Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diary of a Dirty Bedroom, Part One

Okay, you know how they say that when you embark on a life changing experience, like weight loss or such, they say that you should keep a journal especially during the lows and the times you hit absolute rock bottom. Then when you are feeling like you aren't having much success (even after you have), you can go back and remember why you don't wanna go back there anymore?!

Well, i've decided to do that with my bedroom this week.

Warning: Graphic Images Follow

Like. Oh. My. Heck. This was just from the ceiling, inside of the closet, window and door trim, and the walls of my bedroom. Eeeew! Gross!! I'm ready to roll out a sleeping bag on the floor in our galley kitchen, just to sleep someplace semi-clean.

I'll just use this as inspiration. I'm not giving up now. My next baby won't be conceived in a dung hole like this one!! Now, on to the floor lamp and ceiling fixture: where no Swiffer has gone before.....

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