Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gettin' Organised :: This Week's Detailed Cleaning

Once you get your house broken down into manageable chunks of square footage, you'll need to come up with a detailed cleaning list. These will include the tasks to be accomplished within the area. Make them as detailed as you like. Or not. It's a fine line in our house, because if i have to read too much detail about how i prefer to do things, i'll start chewing on tin foil and develop something that resembles Tourette syndrome. However, if i want the rest of my family to be able to look at the list and contemplate what they could help with, i want it to be detailed enough for them to know what cleaning supplies they'll need or else chances are they won't do it, eh? :)

This is what our list looks like this week.

Detailed Cleaning List for
Zone 2: Everything Visible from the Kitchen


1. COLLECT webs.
2. WASH windows & screens; DUST sills and toe kicks.
3. PURGE & WASH fridge: inside, outside, top & VACUUM under & behind.
4. CLEAN microwave, dishwasher & mixer.
5. WASH canisters & tchotchkes.
6. WASH trash can & recycle bin.
7. WASH one row of cabinets & POLISH with evoo.
8. STRAIGHTEN one cabinet & drawer; PURGE!!


1. WASH door & trim with Murphey‘s & POLISH with evoo.
2. VACUUM webs & baking shelves.
3. STRAIGHTEN food items & inventory.


1. COLLECT webs.
2. DUST sills & WASH window.
3. CLEAN light fixtures.
4. WASH wood wall & POLISH with evoo.
5. CLEAN off desk top.
6. DUST computer, printer, tabletop, keyboard & mouse.
7. CHECK printer ink & paper.
8. STRAIGTHEN one drawer.

And with that, i'd better get to work!

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