Monday, January 31, 2011

Gettin' Organised :: Living and Dining

Hello. Yeah, we're still around just suuuuuuper busy. Last week was homeschool bowling and with the swim lessons twice a week...we're finding it a challenge to get all our chores done. But it's good...moving in the right direction anyway! Unlike my weight loss. Harumph! For some reason these last two weeks, i've gained a pound. I'm hoping to misplace it this week. :)

I'll have after pictures of my bedroom tomorrow...

Today we start on the two largely ignored rooms...we're things seem to wander in on their own, and never leave until light starts shooting out of my eye sockets like Bill Cosby's wife. :) It'll be okay though.

Here's my list of duties this week:

Detailed Cleaning List for
Zone 5: Living and Dining Rooms

Living Room:

1. COLLECT webs.
2. CLEAN windows, sills, & wood trims.
3. VACUUM mantle & hearth.
4. VACUUM couches & under cushions.
5. DUST lamps, pictures, & furniture.
6. TIDY prayer table.
7. WASH wood wall & POLISH with evoo.

Dining Room:

1. COLLECT webs
2. CLEAN light fixtures.
3. WASH windows, French doors. WASH & POLISH pocket door.
4. DUST wood trims, fire grate, & mantle.
5. VACUUM hearth & fireplace.
6. DUST piano & hutch.
7. STRAIGHTEN bookshelves.
8. DUST table & chairs.
9. For C.m.: spend 2 x 15 minute sessions tidying art area.

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