Friday, January 7, 2011

Time Out

I have an early morning appointment on Fridays, so we've learn to be really flexible on Fridays.

No chores except making the beds were done.

We took a time out from everything today.

It's important sometimes, so that i don't start obsessing about all that is left to do, that didn't get done, blah. blah. blah. Cause when that happens, nothing gets done. Cause it can't be done perfectly. And that makes me a terrible human being and a sorry excuse for a housewife. And, you know what else? The world could end. wah! The horror!! :)

So i ignored that feeling today and distracted myself with a little of one of my favourite things to do: discover cool new to me districts in Seattle.

Today's mission: to find good quality linen for Cookie Monster's communion dress.

The destination: Queen Anne, Seattle
The supplier: Nancy's Sewing Basket, Queen Anne Dr.

Wishing i had felt more comfortable in the place to take pictures of it for you, however i like to feel a place out before i start snapping pictures of their business so they don't think i'm a spy for Granny's Pincushion or anything. :)

Nancy's was a modest little shop with a lot to offer. Many special occassion fabrics like you'll see in the pictures on the pattern you may purchase at the national craft chains that never carry the really beautiful fabrics you would need to make your creation look like the picture on the from of the pattern. :) They had a little section of trims for upolstery and drapes, lots of suitings, a big selection of quilting cottons, a ribbon room, and what we were in the market for...linen. Beautiful linens.

By the way, if you haven't been in a fabric store since the 2011 began, be prepared to part with a small amount of your life savings. :) Prices have gone up. The owner was telling me that your basic quilting cotton--Kona cotton--went from $6/yd to $7.50/yd. Ei yi ei!

We found a beautiful antwerp (fine weave) linen in white and a pima cotton for the lining. As we get a little further along in the process, i'll share pictures. Cookie wants to be rather plain jane when it comes to communion (thank goodness!), so she decided she didn't want any lace overlays or embellishments. Her sash is supposed to be a 3 inch wide white ribbon, however because we couldn't find any that was pleasing, we decided that we would make the sash of linen too. Or maybe we'll find a cotton we like. We decided that the sash would a good place to the dress a special touch. So in honour of the Virgin Mary *(Cookie's name has some similar meanings as Mother Mary's name) that we would sew a sash of a powder or medium blue material.

Now to actually start cutting out pattern pieces and EEK! into the linen.

Mommy! HELP! :)

Along the way, we also found some quirky little toys shops and a really good thai restaurant.
Here are some pictures.

Queen Anne Drive

This building here exhibits why Seattle's lost a lot of it's luster for me. Man, i used to be all "Seattle rocks!", but when i see buildings like this with Public Notice boards outside of them....

i realise i moved to the wrong city. Portland rocks! Portland never tears anything down. Not even if it's in violation of code. I love it! Anyway, this building, The Elfrieda, is slated to be torn down and apparently because a 3 story building doesn't do what a 4 story building on the same site could. Go figure. The streets around the aerial are already so crowded with cars, that they barely function as one lane roads. More apartments, more cars lining the street, more mixed use space, and more ugly modern building. Go on Seattle! Pretty soon, you'll look just like L.A. ...or Miami. Great. You know what they say about people who rather than appreiciate their history and embrace instead throw it away..... Yes, Seattle, i'm letting you know that you are on notice for being shallow and having a *huge* case of shiny ball syndrome!!

P.S. Linda, you feel free to come visit anytime and we'll take you shopping!! :)

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