Monday, January 17, 2011

Gettin' Organised :: The Real Test

So, this week's the week that we build Cookie Monster's skills; we're cleaning in her two rooms this week.

Our list looks a little something like this:

Detailed Cleaning List for
Zone 3: Cookie Monster’s Room, Playroom, & Guest Room

CM’s Room:

1. COLLECT webs.
2. CLEAN light fixture.
3. WASH curtains, mattress pad, & comforter.
4. WASH window, sills, doors & wood trims. POLISH wood.
5. DUST furniture & shelves; WASH mirror.
6. TIDY closet & SORT outgrown clothes.
7. TIDY bookshelves & kitchen.
8. DUST baseboards.
9. SHAKE rugs.
10. SWEEP floor.


1. COLLECT webs.
2. CLEAN light fixtures.
3. CLEAN window, sill, door & wood trim. POLISH wood.
4. VACUUM walls & curtains.
5. DUST furniture.
6. DUST baseboards.
7. SORT toys: are there any that can be given or thrown away?
8. SWEEP floor.

Guest Room:

1. COLLECT webs.
2. CLEAN light fixture.
3. CLEAN windows, sills, door, & wood trim. POLISH wood.
4. DUST furniture.
5. DUST baseboards.
6. VACUUM floor.

Now that's not all that's going on with Cookie Monster either. We've been gradually building a list of daily chores for her, starting in her bedroom. I've posted a list for her next to her door, and over the past 2 weeks we've tackled one chore a week to build her routine.

Cm’s Daily Routine

1. STRAIGHTEN sheets.
2. PLACE all pillows, blankets, & pajamas on the bed.

** WEDNESDAY ONLY: MOVE all your animals to the crib so Mom can wash your sheets.**

1. PICK UP all DIRTY clothes & throw them down the chute.
2. PUT AWAY clean clothes.
3. PUT shoes in closet.

1. PICK UP books on floor.
* go get ALL THE BOOKS next to DADDY’S BED
* return LIBRARY BOOKS to bin
* put YOUR BOOKS back in the bookshelves
2. TIDY kitchen toys & doll clothes.
3. THROW away trash.
4. PLACE anything that doesn’t belong to you on the ottoman in the living room.

I am hoping this week goes well, however, i can't promise anything. :) I'll need to keep in mind that this is the first week we're doing this and Cm's most likely to revolt!

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