Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Carolin' We Will Go...And Other Things That Tickled Me Today

Cookie Monster and i hopped into a thrift shop today while we were out and about and we found some cute things at their 50% off Christmas sale. I thought these angels were darling. They came as part of an entertaining pack...they're coasters and there are matching napkins also. But since they are unwrapped, i'll have to find another use for the napkins. The coasters i thought would make really sweet Christmas tags for packages. We also really liked these two books--Carols for the Family is from 1957 from a local music store called Ulmer's. Christmas Carols is from 1952. Since C.m. has been practicing songs on the piano--figuring out how to play her favourites by ear, we've been talking about piano lessons sometime. Since she loves Christmas music so much, i figured these would make a good addition to our collection.

There is also something she bought for me for Christmas that i am dying to show you, but i can't tell or snap a picture until she gives it to me. I am trying my hardest to forget about it--but darn it if it isn't so cute.
With all the really neat stuff from yesteryear popping up in the thrifts i figured i'd be able to find a little last minute something for my family in Germany to send with their gifts. C.m. was trying to help, but all she heard me saying was, "Oh, look that so cute!" She finally replied, "Momma, if there's something you'd like for Christmas, i'll buy it for you!" I showed her a couple things i couldn't decide on from the $1 table. So she picked one and used some of her birthday money from Uncle Paul to buy it. I told her i would pay her back, but she insists that she wanted to get something for me for Christmas and she will not let me pay. She was so cute going around the store saying, "Momma, really, i can buy you something for Christmas. Just let me know." And she bought herself a little handmade wooden clothespin "soldier" ornament--he's more like a cowboy actually. When we left the store, i heard her saying, "Okay Momma, just forget about what your Christmas present will be. When we get home, i'll need help finding a box for it. And maybe some help with the wrapping it up. hee hee hee."
She's such a swell kiddo! She's been acting like a little grown up all day today--carrying her little purse and shopping for notions at whatever store we were in and helping hunt down the Nutella in Costco. I noticed her attitude this morning--it all started at her dental cleaning when her dentist, a super swell guy himself, pulled out his "trophey" we made him from her baby tooth that he reconstructed from when she was 18 months or so--the tooth's surface had completely eroded, so he shaved it down to a point and used epoxy to build such a real looking tooth--helped her get through learning to speak and school which could have been a disaster without a front tooth! When it fell out, we painted a little wooden flowerpot gold and placed the reconstructed baby tooth on top and wrote "World's Best DDS!" on it. When C.m. saw him pull it out of the drawer this morning and heard him exclaim, "Look what i still have," with his super wily grin, she was so tickled! Later, over lunch she was exclaiming, "Momma, i can't believe that Doc H. still has that trophey we made him! He's such a silly guy, but i just love him!" :o) Such a little grown up girl!

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