Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Last Call

Yesterday, we took the day off school to watch the events on the tellie as much as we could, but we also took the opportunity to fulfill our lunch date with Moose, because we still can. The officer's procession itself, was staged at McCord Air Force Base, just a few miles away from our church--needless to say, we decided we should try to stay out of the area and find a church to attend Mass at closer to home, since yesterday was a day of higher priority for the people who live and work in Lakewood and who knew the officers personally. The procession ended at an events center called the Tacoma Dome, 10 miles away from McCord. As you can imagine, the procession of police/fire/emergency vehicles extended the entire 10 miles...the tarmac and airstrip at McCord was completely full of emergency vehicles and the surrounding streets were full as well at the start of the procession. Completely mind-blowing seeing that.

While we watched the memorial service eulogies, Cookie Monster remarked about how she especially liked the people speaking about what made the officers smile. She said that taught her more about the people the officers were so that we can know why people are so sad that they are gone. Quite a concept for a little 7 year old brain!

The last call is what kills me--i understand the symbolism, but truthfully, it's so decieving if you are a believer in Heaven. That Last Call that they give for the officers that goes unanswered...isn't it just that we as Earthly beings just can't "hear" them answer just yet? Give them some time....they'll be there in Heaven to watch over their families in due time. And once they're all settled in, those officers will answer many, many calls from their family and friends, i am sure.

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  1. Still it is sad. And the faith in God and Heaven does help. Even give peace.



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