Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decision Day

Oh, if only all the world's problems boiled down to something so simple, eh?
(Then maybe Pres. Obama could figure it out for himself, instead of relying on all the Ol' Hasbeens to do it for him--i am sooooo peeved at that gentleman right now. However, i digress.)
Back to important matters at hand....that i can do something about and reap instant gratification (unlike Nat'lised Health Care.)

I am having a crafter's dilemma of gargantuan proportions.
And incidentally, this is why most projects i undertake don't get completed...i tend to overthink these kinds of things.
I am making something cheery....something that i can't wait to hang up this year ("this" & "year" being the operative words, seeing that it is now just 7 days till Christmas!)

I'm making my first Christmas sewing project that i intend to keep (hence the indecision, as i will be staring at it and judging it and picking it apart for years to come.) Sure, it's easy enough to make something for someone to give them for Christmas because they won't be looking at where you really could have sewn a straighter seam or taking out the ruler to make sure your hemlines are perfect all the way around--and neither will you because it won't be in our possession anymore. :o)
So, i am putting it up for a vote....
should triangles for bunting be 4x9 inches (top)
or 3.5 x 7 inches (bottom)?

Then, in the big scheme of vicious life circles and the gnashing of teeth in all the sensetive places and all that, i realised by re-reading my post that i could infact be doing the same durn'd thing that Pres. Obama is doing himself.

Don'tcha just hate that!??!?

Maybe i'll have to do something completely whacky, cuckoo, and nutso and actually put on the big girl grunties, make the executive decision, and make the triangles 4 x 8 inches. :o)
Regardless, i think it needs more freezer paper templates, don't you?

Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. I can't see patterns in anything. I wish I could help.



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