Friday, December 11, 2009

These Are The Days

We decorated our tree last night.... well, "we" being the operative word, as you can tell from the placement of the majourity of the ornaments that are right at 7 yr. old girl level!

Just this morning, i was waxing on and on about how i couldn't wait for C.m. to grow up and move out so that Moose and i would be able to get a good night's sleep someday (she's taken to not going to bed until 10pm at the earliest! Then shooting out of bed by 6:30am--Oy!) But then i look at the tree, and i wish i could keep her small forever so that our tree could be so painstakingly decorated (even if only just the middle of the tree) by such a sweet little miss who's favourite thing about Christmas is unwrapping the ornaments and wanting to hear stories of how we acquired them.
NOTE TO MYSELF: i thought of a great little decorating idea for her when she gets older: i've saved some of her socks from when she was younger. We have one she used to wear when she was first learning to walk placed on our tree. I was thinking that over the next few years, it would be sweet to collect some of the socks she outgrows--her beloved penguin and moose socks, her socks that look like ballet shoes, her first poodle socks from Irish dancing--and when she moves into her first place and has her first Christmas, i could present her with a "mantle", made of picture rail, with "stockings" (socks) from her early years hung on it. She would really love that!

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