Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Baby

Today we visited Santa at his home away from home in a nearby city. Cookie Monster especially loves it because she can feed Santa's reindeer ...

and she loves Ewah, the talking Military Parrot, who plays peek-a-boo.

First we write our letter and place it in Santa's mailbox.

Then we feed Rudolph and the rest of the gang

Then we visit the big man, himself.

Did you know that Rudolph has his own chicken too???

Our visits with Santa occur at a local zoological society. It's a small rehab zoo, maybe 8-10 animals. During Christmas, they present the animals in the zoo as Santa's helpers. The tigers help make the candy canes, the llamas are the South American sleigh team, the lemurs are his sentinals, the emus are his Australian landing crew, and the African cranes are his security force. Dag gummit if i can't remember what the cougars do--i believe they are his ushers, but i could be wrong. Very cute ideas though, to get the ol' imagination movin'!

Also very cute is something that i think most Americans would proudly display on their front lawns....(well, okay, maybe only if it had a loud, annoying generator and was made from cheap nylon fabric) :o)

I'd totally love one of these! I'd make bunny ears for Easter, and he could carry a little parasol and some flowers in his mouth for May. A bat mask at Halloween! Not to mention the lamp shade and feather boa for birthday parties!

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