Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our New View

Wow. We woke up today to frost on the ground and ice in the puddles. Thank goodness we didn't have chicken popsicles develop overnight, evident by the rooster who was up crowing at 4am again this morning. I'll be glad when the full moon is gone. Not that i hit the roo-snooze button and drove back under the sheets, but that i won't feel guilty for having a bird with the IQ of an ant waking up my neighbours. :o) It's not that i completely *love* my neighbours, but i hate to shoulder some responsibility for their lack of sleep. We may not see eye to eye with other neighbours, however i'd like to keep it civil, ya know?

Today, while looking out at the frost on the grass in the front yard, i noticed something in view that doesn't happen to have been there the last time we had a sunny day.

This is our neighbour's house across the street...
that topped Redwood in the photo happened a couple years ago when lightening struck it.

A couple months ago, there used to be a 30+ year old Doug Fir in the front yard, just to the left of that topped Redwood. The neighbours took it down and i always wondered why. It didn't look sickly. I should have thanked them apparently...

as they just delivered us a whole other view than we had before.

In between that dying branch and the you see it??

Mount Baker!!! Air quality is pretty wretched today, so this is the best i could do picturewise for now. I can't wait to see what this will look like during one of the gorgeous late summer sunsets!

Mount Baker is the "long lost love" of Mt. Rainier, in Lummi Indian legend around here. Mt. Baker is up north near the States-Canadian border and Mt. Rainier is kinda in the mid-western part of the state here. Both are equally beautiful!!
Below is one of the mountain peeks that is the "deserted" children of Duh-hwakh (Mt. Rainier).
Also out in the yard are some beautiful berries the robins, towees, and juncos are going crazy for. The chickens found the berries that had been knocked off the bushed the other day and they loved them too. A little pre-Christmas treat.

Holly berries on our tree

Native plant: Snowberries (Symphoricarpos albus)
Don'tcha just love winter???

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