Monday, December 14, 2009

What Snow?

As with most of the US, we've been freezing lately--which is not a weather trait the Pacific Northwest is known for. During the winter months, when high pressure nestles itself here between the Olympics and the Cascade Ranges, we have beautiful sunny days that can be very, very frigid when Arctic air is pushed down into the area. Days that make you think Art Bell may be on to something with his "Day After Tommorrow"-Global Warming Impact hypothesis. However, when there is a change in air pressure in our area that brings in the storms from the Pacific, and if the Arctic air is still flowing, then we get snow!! Yesterday, it snowed pretty much all day--not the blizzardy kind of snow, but beautiful little flakes fluttering their way down from the Heavens.

And we didn't even have a snow advisory that kicked in until 4pm yesterday that was gonna last all night! As you can imagine, for a person that is infatuated with snow because she grew up in stinkin' Southern AZ where there was no such thing, it was very hard to sleep last night!

So this morning at 6:30 it was time to and much to my disappointment, it was 40 degrees and not a single flake was to be found. And to add insult to injury, the dome is closed (a reference our family uses when the sky is so full of grey clouds, i reminds us of the baseball fields that have retractable rooves.)
Yup, it's official,
Darn Jack Frost...where is he when you need him? Then Mondays wouldn't be so Mondayish!

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