Thursday, December 10, 2009

RIP Stormin' Norman

Our rooster was a little too much to handle yesterday. His bad attitude started with an attack on my arm this weekend--hardest pinch i've ever had in my life, but what hurt most was that this sucker of a rooster could actually jump up to my arm from the ground--wholly smokes those birds are bullies!

Yesterday, while out for Chicken Recess, i figured he'd gotten over whatever it was that i did (feed him grain and spinach from my hands, give them warm water from the shower instead of filling their bucket up with freezing water out of the garden spigot....), however apparently he didn't like the fact i was outside in my pajamas (which are the warmest things i own) or something, because he started attacking my legs. Full on throwin' himself, rather his claws, into my legs. When i stuck my foot out to try to stop him, he kept head butting and attacking my foot (i love my clogs!) Figurin' i could chase him off with a broom and a piece of metal screen as a shield, he chased me around the yard, trying to attack me any time the girls came near. Moose told me to show him who was boss, but i couldn't. I'm a girl, for cryin' out loud! UGH, i am *such* a girl. hmph!

So, after a few frantic phone calls to Moose from being trapped near the coop or being chased away from the house when i tried to get back in from the cold, he came home ready to take care of business.

The rooster had a sneaking suspicion that his number was up, i was just hoping we could take care of it like last time, and find a family that could use the meat.

I am so sorry, Moose! But thank you for being my knight in, no, that's not it; my farmboy in dusty chaps! :o) Well, okay, you probably aren't ready to call yourself a farmboy just yet, but what city - whimpboy has ever killed a rowdy roo with his two bare hands?? I love you!!

Now, if you'll excuse me, i am going to go make a ground beef and day old bread casserole for my hens, and maybe even throw in a little millet and oats just to spoil them. :o)

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