Monday, December 7, 2009


Yesterday, i spent most of the day in the kitchen cooking: bread, Barb's peanut butter cookies
with my added little kicks of cinnamon and brown sugar (thanks, Barb for such an easy recipe to make when we have people coming over to work on the house!), and pumpkin risotto.

I think "Cookie Ray" (as we've been nicknaming her lately) was feeling a little left out of the events with Moose busy working on the water line and Momma in the kitchen. So when we finally sat down to our meal, C.m. said she was going to make us our breakfast and dinner in her little kitchen.

I don't know what she likes best: pretend waitressing or pretend cooking. But here was breakfast--one fried egg, a cherry and strawberry, and a piece of toast with butter. Also vanilla tea in a fancy glass. :O) Oh, and the green farfalle, that's really supposed to be parsley. :o)

After b-fast came dinner. Boy, we must have looked famished! (Momma-made) Ravioli with mushrooms, peas and carrots, a tomato and a baked potato.

And if that wasn't enough....dessert followed.
A cherry, some cookies, and a Cafe au Lait.

Is my kid gonna be a great little homemaker, or what?
If we're lucky, she may live near us one day so we can hope for her leftovers!

Then when the second dinner came around, it was time to help Moose make his dad's famous cottage cheese pancakes. C.m. was excited to use the first of our blue eggs.
As you can imagine, it looks like we'll both be in our kitchens all day today, just working on the clean up! :o) And from all that good food, i think i need to run around in place for a few minutes today while i do the least it would help us stay warm today too. 24 degrees with a wind chill of 8. Brrrr! Stay warm, everyone!!

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