Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lucky Day

Many blessings to be thankful for today:

1. it was a 6 egg day today! Go Girls!

2. Cookie Monster performed perfectly all 4 of her numbers in the two Christmas recitals (videos to come)

3. An rare afternoon visiting with dear, dear friends over congradulatory cake.

4. A wonderful homily by my bro in law in front of his boss from the archdiocese, and much praise and hullibaloo, in general, from parishoners and the head of clergy afterward about the family. It's very humbling, and although it is kind of people to stop and remark how pleased they are with my bro in law...i feel so guilty that these people treat the family like rockstars. That's a really uncomfortable position to be in, but never the less, i guess it's price you pay for being the family of the awesome priest that they hold so dear.

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