Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas From Goodwill

Let's just say i need not "covet" these any longer, although truthfully, until i saw them, i hadn't known i was coveting them. :o)

Well, "covet" may be a strong word...things i "covet" tend to be healthy things like time with my family, time with my parents, and a farm of our own (someday).

But once i saw them sitting just like this
on the Christmas shelves at the Goodwill, i knew i couldn't NOT return home without them.

Which bring us to curious thrifting behaviour, eh? (again) Oy! First of all, from me. Why would i feel i couldn't return home without something that i had previously not known i wanted? Also, why would one feel this way about something with no price tag on it? Even more curious, i know. Only at a thrift shop, eh? Then there was a lady shopping in the same aisle, hogging the place, sorting through every little thing. Anytime someone would approach her she'd look up and sneer at them. Tis the season, eh? These adorable bowls and cups were at her eye level. She was sorting through Christmas themed saucers and cups the next shelf down, and the gentleman with her was sitting on the floor was sorting through the plates and glasses, both grumbling all the way. Merry Christmas! Lord knows what they were looking for?! I waited my turn on the other side of the aisle, and figured the way they were scouring the shelves, that they would have taken the best stuff.

As soon as i turned the corner, i shuddered. I couldn't believe it! So cute it could give you a cavity. Wondering if they were like the Tom and Jerry collectibles i'd seen when looking up Fire King and Pyrex info. I grabbed them and continued my stroll around the store.

The more i looked at them, my grip tightened. Especially scary because of their lack of a price tag. The only marking they had on them were an "A" nestled inside an "H", but i had no idea what that meant. Was i willing to let them go if they were more than $10? Wishing i could channel my Grandma W. right about then, as she was an infamous antique dealer back East back in the day when i was more interested in Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Micro-machines. Sometimes i wonder how people like her learned all they did about the collectibles and antiques of their day without the internet.

Not seeing anything else particularly interesting other than a bunch of Pyrex dishes with no lids, i figured i'd mosy up front and find a store manager and ask her the damage on the cute little set. The cashier was happy to help find her and when questioned, the manager spoke music to my ears, "Those will be 99 cents." The cashier said, "Yeah, okay, for each piece, right?" "No, for the whole thing. It's the 99 cent holiday sale," replied the beautiful, kind, and ever so hard working store manager!! :o) It took such restraint not to hug her right then and there.

The cashier was taken aback--i think she might have had the same idea i had floating around in my head....that these had to be a vintage collectible of some sort. Honestly, though, there is know denying their cuteness!! And the funniest thing, was the lady and the gentleman that i had seen in the Christmas aisle were right there next to me looking at all the other "high priced" Christmas items that the store puts in the display cases. They were looking at a ceramic JMJ night light that was covered in so much glitter that Martha's glitter section would have been put to shame. :o) The lady heard the cashier tell me that she thought i might have just gotten the deal of the century and wondered if i was going to list it somewhere online, so of course interest was piqued. She was asking me were i found such a cute item. I didn't have the heart to tell her that if it had teeth, it could have bit her on the nose.

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