Thursday, December 17, 2009

Whew! Just In The "Nick" Of Time

We've been busy sewing this week. Hopefully we'll finish the "presents" tomorrow, and then we can do the fun stuff: like more fabric Christmas decor. Needless to say, we were so behind that the Christmas package to our family in Germany will arrive quite well into the New Year, but we've finished it all today. C.m. coloured some wooden Christmas ornaments and painted them with glitter for her "Grandma in Germany".

These are the napkins i've sewn for my sister in Germany. We were exchange students that stayed with each other's family what back when, and since she came to stay with us while we lived in AZ, i thought she'd get a kick out of these. They are decidedly just Christmas-y enough, yet also not too Christmas-y that one couldn't use them all year long.

I was going to make a set for me too, but i decided that i liked the fabrics so much that i am going to have to learn to quilt to make a quilt with them! Mom, we can start working on C.m.'s chicken quilt anytime so i can get all my practice in on that!! :o) Just wishing that i could have known so that i could buy enough fabric for the back of a quilt in that saguaro pattern. That is such a hoot!

And we finished our Crafty Crow Kids Ornament Exchange ornaments too this week.

The theme this year was Fairy Tales. And of course, my child would have to pick something out of the ordinary like "Brementown Musicians." :o) So she helped me surf the 'nets to find pictures of the animals, then we traced the patterns from pictures. First i tried broadcloth, but it got increasingly harder to make the ornaments look like their intended shape, and along with that it required more of my handiwork and less of Cookie's, which was totally not the point. So, in the end, we decided she would make the dog--and i think it's more charming than my crazy chicken and donkey. I do like the folk artsy-ness of the donkey, however!

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