Friday, December 18, 2009

Dinner, Anyone?

Tonight, it's ravioli and meatballs at our place.

When Cookie Monster received her play kitchen a few years ago, i started trying my hand at constructing simple felt food. She loved ravioli so much then, hence that was the first food i made for her. One of her dear friends absolutely loves the ravioli. So that is what C.m. wanted to give him for his Christmas present this year--per his request.
The ravioli is pretty straight forward and one sheet of pasta coloured eco-craft felt will yield 9 squares (or 4 raviolis, buy the time your done). Definitely the sewing machine is much faster than handsewn. I stuff mine with leftover fabric trimmings or cotton balls
(which, of course, are not "leftover"). :o)

For the sauce, i recently came across a great colour of eco-craft felt that looks more like stewed pasta sauce than a bad shade of cheap red lipstick. :o) Simple again, just let your scissors wander and you should be able to get up to two servings of pasta sauce from one sheet of felt.
Then comes the tricky part. Ri asked if we could make meatballs for Hunt and her. Finding a fabric or yarn that lends itself to the texture and colour of a meatball is not easy. And i had hoped if i had to resort to yarn, that i could use wool to make a medium sized ball, then felt it, however........ :o\ So Lion Brand came through with their organic cotton yarn, and with a pattern for fuzzballs that i hunted down at Crochet Pattern Central from Planet June's blog, i was able to make something pretty realistic looking.
Dat's zum spicy meatahball, eh?

But what couldn't have been "designed" better are Cookie Monster's notes to her friend.
Just another reason we can't wait for Christmas around here!!

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